DOO PADRINO MONT, among faithful buyers and business associates, known as CAKAN SPORT, was founded on August 22, 1997, as a limited liability company and an economic activity in selling sports goods and equipment. It was founded by Radomir Novakovic-Cakan, engaging in the company and first employees, including Radomir and Ana Novakovic, Hodzic Suan and Danijela, as well as Danijela Roćenovic, who actually laid the foundations of Cakan Sport and whose working, visionary and professional engagement has grown into a strong structure of today’s recognizable sports brand.

The first store of sports equipment was located in Jovana Tomašević Street in Bar and the quality of the offer, and the professionalism of sales services, immediately drew the attention of fellow citizens, but also those who came to Bar as guests or just for purpose-like customers.

Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Rider, Colmar – the brands CAKAN SPORT, among the first in Montenegro, offered in a wide range of models of different designs, shapes and materials, adaptable to the tastes of customers of a different sport or classical style, which is the other selling and business intent.
Many people are credited with the success of the company, including those who have been working in CAKAN SPORT since its inception or for many years: Olivera Popović, Dragica Tomić, Marija Stojović, Samir Muslić, Djuro Milović, Slavko Rosić, Sanja Ognjanović, Nataša Roganović, Sanja Kujundžić, Saša Brajović, Radovan Furundžić, Tanja Šebek, Violeta Čujović, Mihailo Šćepanović, Nada Kastratović, Valentina Jokić, Ivana Đurović, Valentina Kalađurđević, Radovan Ogurlić, Aleksandra Velimirović, Vinka Rašković, Marijana Prelević, Svetlana Samardžić, as well as many other present , but also former employees, who have brought the flows of working and living engagements to various spatial and professional sides, among which CAKAN SPORT has good acquaintances, friends and godfathers today.

Employee’s Award The CAKAN SPORT’s business policy rests on impeccable professionalism and highly skilled staff, the equal and humanistic attitude of the employer and the worker, and the wide smile and natural kindness of all employees. Director, Radomir Novakovic Cakan, owner of “Padrino Monta”, has rewarded the firm’s loyalty and professionalism in the work of Suan Hodzic, Samir Muslić, Danijel Roćenovic and Danijel Hodzic Novakovic with valuable gifts for the New Year 2013 holiday: two “six-seater golf” and two cars ” folksvagen polo “.

This working and positive atmosphere is very attractive and motivating, both for those engaged in CAKAN SPORT, as well as for customers who are increasing daily from day to day and whose satisfaction in purchasing and wearing the purchased goods is the highest acknowledgment and reward for employees.

CAKAN SPORT often rewards its valiant customers with discounts and purchases on preferential terms. One of the privileges is, exactly, the design of the site that is in front of you.

Welcome to us and thank you for your confidence!