In May 2012. pharmacy pharmacy in Ulcinj was opened as a result of the commitment to actively influence the raising of the general level of health care services through its participation in public health promotion programs.

Already in the first days of its operation, Pharma Pharma has attracted the attention of our citizens. Friendly staff always available to their patients, a pleasant ambience, a wide range of products are just some of the ways in which Pharmalife Pharmacy acquires the recognition and confidence of its customers.

In addition to the core activity, the “Pharmalife” healthcare institution also performs the following tasks:

promotion of health, ie health education and counseling for the preservation and improvement of health through proper use of medicines and certain types of medical devices;
monitoring of modern professional and scientific achievements in the field of pharmacotherapy and providing citizens, health workers, other healthcare institutions and private practice, as well as other interested entities, information on medicines and certain types of medical devices;
giving patients advice on the proper use of medicines and certain medical devices, or instructions for their proper use;
supply of baby food, dietary products, certain types of cosmetic and other means of health protection;
supplying traditional and homeopathic remedies;
implementation of preventive measures for the preservation and protection of the health of the population;
improvement of pharmacotherapeutic measures and procedures in rational use of drugs and certain types of medical devices;